Aaron Ramsey: ‘To Love Or To Hate?’

Aaron Ramsey divides opinions regularly and with good reason too. From the abuse he receives on twitter, to the hordes of fans whose boo’s, exasperated sighs and groans reverberate around the Emirates on a matchday, to the unified support of the minority who believe in this young, promising Welshman.

An enigma or simply misunderstood?

I respect both sides of the argument. Sitting here on top of this fence, seeing the battalion respond and vigorously highlight the numerous average and sub-par performances he has had over the last year, I can see why people are frustrated.  But. But, is he not one of our own? – Before that horrific leg break, were we not singing his name? Before ‘Shawcross-gate’ at the time, were we not drooling over the possibility of seeing Ramsey, Wilshere and Fabregas orchestrating the midfield for years to come?

'Shawcross-ed the line...'

‘Shawcross-ed the line…’

When we signed the fresh faced Welsh International from Cardiff City for £5 million after competition from Manchester United, we were in awe and full of excitement from his early performances.  Playing without fear and showing why he was worth every single penny of that £5 million until that fateful evening at the Brittania. Coming back from an injury of that magnitude is not easy. Eduardo in my opinion had the potential to be one of the best strikers in world until the ill-timing of that injury. I also believe, our seven years without a trophy would not have been had that game against Birmingham gone differently.  People may cite Jack Wilshere’s recovery and prominence after his injury, but we all deal with situations differently.

Moving on from the past…

Upon watching and reviewing Ramsey’s performances on numerous occasions since that leg break, I notice that too often he does a backheel, a flick on or through ball, which is too intricate that it is not picked up on. Notably, in my opinion the ‘greatest’ assist in football came from none other than my hero Dennis Bergkamp against Juventus, which was beautifully read by Ljungberg, but I guarantee would not be by anybody in this current Arsenal team, besides perhaps Santi Cazorla. The style of play we have employed in recent years (Tiki Taka) means that unless it’s a clear through ball you can run onto, a lot of players refrain from making the initial run. This leads to numerous mis-placed passes from the unfortunate Ramsey, which leads to frustrated groans from the crowd, which leads to the dwelling on the ball and ‘too many touches’ that Frank McLintock referred to on BBC Wales Sport to find that ‘perfect’ pass… By which time it’s simply too late. Frank states how he’s not the fastest player, which is true, but neither was the ‘Legend’ Dennis Bergkamp.  His footballing intelligence was such that it didn’t matter. I see this similarity in Aaron. He has the potential to be that great, but whether he will fulfil it is what’s in doubt. Well fear not.

An all too familiar sight...
An all too familiar sight…

I’ve seen him put performances in for Wales in this same period of time, and I promise you, he will be a star when given the chance. Tactically Arsene Wenger has often played him at CM/CDM (4-2-3-1) and at RW this season.  He is a CAM by trade… He needs that freedom to be able to try things without the fear of being on the halfway line, losing it and putting our already fragile defence under even more pressure.

We are frustrated with him more because of our barren run of seven years without a trophy.  We take our frustrations out on the youth of tomorrow, without thinking how it will affect their future performances.  Fans because of his non-existent end product abused Walcott constantly and cries of ‘sell him’ were heard from the Arsenal ‘faithful’.  Two years on, we’re angry with Wenger for not offering him £100,000 a week.  Why ignorantly celebrate the success if we’re not going to support them through the misery and the mires when they need us the most?

There is light at the end of the tunnel…

I tend not to fully judge a midfield player before the age of 22/23, a striker/defender until 25+ and goalkeeper even older than that.  But from what I have seen, Ramsey is an intelligent player who has his moments of brilliance. Ramsey is an enigma if you judge him on his direct impact, but a true professional that gives 100% as seen by those who support him. He has no vote of confidence it seems from the manager/fans at the moment therefore he has none himself to fully flourish. He chose us over his boyhood club Manchester United. He gave up the chance to play in the ‘Theatre Of Dreams’ to play at apparently the ‘Cauldron of Nightmares.’ Let’s give him the chance to be accepted and prove himself.

Future Arsenal Star...

Future Arsenal Star…

I’m not a ‘Ramsey-lover’, an ‘ITK’ or an ‘AKB’, I am just a passionate Arsenal fan from North London that wants to see my team do well, and will cry tears with every failure and celebrate with gusto and a cold Peroni when we win! It’s fine to be frustrated, I am too, way too often, but as long as he has that cannon crest on his chest, he will have my full support and I believe he will have a successful career at Arsenal.

Thank you for reading my first ever article and hope you will follow me for more in the months to come! I promise to keep improving and intriguing you with my viewpoints! If you want me to write about anything specific, please let me know! I love a challenge! Have a fantastic day.

Harry (@HK_Arsenal)


6 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsey: ‘To Love Or To Hate?’

    • I agree with you. I completely lost my tether with him during a 1-1 draw against Everton if my memory serves me right. He had around 14 mis-placed passes in the first half alone! But as you said, I will support whoever the boss selects and whoever wears the Arsenal shirt with pride.

      • Great article, I have to say that I am keeping the faith with him because I truly believe he will realize his potential, and I am glad Wenger and the club seem to be backing him to do so with his hefty contract extension.

        I will say however I disagree with your assessment of his performance during the Everton game; the stats show that he had the best pass completion rate at the final third, with the four best players standing at:
        Ramsey 45/53 (18/20) – Cazorla 44/53 (20/24) – Wilshere 61/71
        (18/23) – Arteta 59/66 (9/12)

        He has been one of the better players against several teams this season, West Ham, Man City and Aston Villa to mention a few. He has also been dire in a few, take the Norwich game for example. That all said I saw an EPL stat tweet that said he is second only to Cazrola in terms of creating chances for Arsenal this season. **Note, that chances, NOT assists**

  1. This article is amazing – it has been structured perfectly, written with class and concluded with passion. It is also refreshing to hear a well balanced argument that shows support for players, despite their bad run.

    Absolutely fantastic work.

  2. I agree Ramsey has not been as good since the horrific injury but is still young and has time on his side.

    Remember, an Arsenal legend like Ian Wright was still playing non-league football at Ramsey’s age.

    I still think he will come good.

    Great first post.

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